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Wool + Paper Felting

During this experimental three-day workshop, June 10-12, 2019, participants will learn how to “Joomchi” or “felt” mulberry paper such as Kozo and/or Hanji.

This is a felting technique that originated in Korea, which provides a great potential to create a rich texture for adding to any artistic surface.

The workshop includes one slide presentation where instructor will show inspirational pieces from different textile artists.

JUNE 10, 11 & 12, 2019

@ Spirit of the Hills, Ontario, CANADA

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Seamless Felted Bag

During this two-day workshop, June 14-15, 2019, participants will learn how to create a seamless felted bag, pocketbook or clutch, using a felting technique around a resist.

Instructor will demonstrate all the techniques, step by step, and participants will be given enough time to work on their own during the construction of the bag. Each participant will spend time with instructor to discuss design, color and composition. Upon completion, participants will learn different stitching techniques to embellish the bag, and each will have the option to add a leather strap and closure.

JUNE 14 & 15, 2019

@ Spirit of the Hills, Ontario, CANADA

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In this unique felting workshop, participants will create a large felted art piece by applying different felting, textural, stitching and dyeing methods. We will explore the various techniques behind ‘painting with wool’ and how to incorporate it into your work. We will also modify the look and design of various fabrics using natural dyeing techniques including rust; where iron oxide acts as a coloring agent leaving a permanent print with great potential for decorative stitching. A variety of stitch techniques will be shown to add texture to the felt surface, while hand stitching also acts as a quiet method for reflection by which to build one’s visual narrative and sensory experience. Each day there will be time to work on specific exercises, brainstorming sessions and problem-solving challenges that, with the tutor’s guidance, will expand your personal project. The workshop also includes several Powerpoint presentations showcasing inspirational pieces from various textile and fibre artists. Material Fee: approx. $35

JULY 7-14, 2019

@ Fibres West, Perth, AUSTRALIA

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artist guest:

lisa klakulak*full-waitlist only

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Solid Form Felting Techniques: Components and Clasps

In July, LISA KLAKULAK will be my next guest artist. Please join us for four fabulous days of felting and a lot of learning!

Explore systematic construction techniques for solid felt forms: spheres, discs, barrels, cones hoops and cords allowing for controlled repetition or deviation of forms. Learn graceful connection techniques for wet-felting these basic forms together seamlessly into more complex ensembles including unique clasps and closures. These techniques provide ample air space for shrinkage resulting in well-integrated surfaces that won’t pill. Students will also incorporate shapes cut from thick hand made partial felt to achieve more angular and defined edges, complexity of forms and means for efficient production. Class skill set can be used for adornment, garment/accessory closures, hanging devices, surface protuberances or purely sculptural form.

July 29, 30 & 31, 2019

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artist guest:

lisa klakulak* full-

waitlist only!

Please contact me to put your name in the waitlist.

Sculpting Hollow Form: Application of Partial Felt Density

In August, LISA KLAKULAK will be my next guest artist. Please join us for four fabulous days of felting and a lot of learning!

In addition to the shape of the 2-D resist, explore how varying the density of wool in a given area effects shrinkage rates and can provide more control to sculpt desired forms and forms previously unimaginable. Participants will make a thick, partially felted sheet of fiber with low shrinkage to cut distinct shapes from and apply with strategic placement in their high shrinkage layouts. This juxtaposition of shrinkage extremes along with directional agitation (perimetral shrinkage) will determine which areas become a kind of integrated armature and which areas protrude or become concave. Proper fulling and the thickness of the vessel’s wall in relationship to its volume will determine the forms integrity. Hand stitched structural ribbing, steam blocking and shellac stiffening can then be applied to refine the forms posture and presence.

AGUST 1, 2, 3 &4, 2019

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Beyond Felting: Silk, Wool, Paper

Create a unique textured and unique surface by felting merino wool onto mulberry paper, and vice-versa. Paper is a material that provides certain tactile qualities, while adding more structure to the felt. Learn how to combine these two materials, how to trap the mulberry paper into the surface with wool, and how to felt both of them together. Create several 12"x12" pieces–or a few bigger pieces, which can later be applied to garments, accessories and other work. Limit 8 students

AUG 19-23, 2019

@ The Eliot School, Jamaica Plains (Boston, MA)

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Botanical printing

Botanical printing + indigo & BEYOND*

Learn the art of hand-dyeing using only the natural pigments and colors found in plants. On day one you will make several samples using wind fallen plant material as you learn about eco-printing, the complex natural dyeing technique of laying out leaves on fabric, bundling and boiling the fabric to produce stunning results. On the second day you will learn how to combine this technique along with other natural dyeing techniques, and on the third day, you will learn how to make an indigo batch and combine it with the eco printing technique. This workshop will also cover more natural dyes and painting with pigments.

The workshop will take place in Florence, MA.


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Slow Stitching

Explore line, color, and stitch at a contemplative pace. Slow down your felting, your stitching, your practice, your breath so you can absorb new ideas to inspire your making. Consider examples of artists from around the world who practice slow stitching on a daily base. "As you practice slow and intentional stitching, your life, your attitude, your creativity, your health, your spirituality....all of it will benefit as a result" - Mark Lipinsky. All levels.

@ Snow Farm, Willliamsburg, MA

SEPTEMBER 14 & 15, 2019

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Creating Texture on Felted Wool & Silk

Take your work to the next level with this exploration of textural felting techniques. Learn shibori felting, felting around resists, folds, cracks, ripples, and more. Through detailed demonstrations and hands-on practice, students will experiment and create a few new pieces, all with great potential for continued embellishment such as stitching and embroidery. Designed for students with some felting experience.

@ Snow Farm, Willliamsburg, MA

OCTOBER 12, 13 & 14, 2019

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Barcelona Vest-Eva Camacho

barcelona vest

During this three-day workshop students will learn how to create an elegant and wearable felted vest, while applying different textural and layout techniques. Students will make a seamless and reversible nuno felted vest, while learning how to nuno felt and work with different layers of silk and wool to create an interesting gradation of colors on both surfaces of the vest, maintaining their original design as a focal point. The workshop will end with a demonstration that shows how to create several possible closures for the vest.

OCT 24, 25 & 26, 2019

@ Living Felt, Austin TX

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Students will receive a 75% refund of tuition if a request to withdraw is received no later than 7 days prior to the first day of the course. Request to withdraw from a course less than 7 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for refunds. If you register for a class or workshop last minute (within 1 week of the class), this cancellation policy still applies.