abstract painting with wool*

This two day workshop is designed for intermediate and advance textile & fiber artists. During this workshop students will learn about color theory, design composition and felting techniques. Students will be able to use these technuques to make their felted surfaces to look like abstract paintings.

4/26/18 - 4/27/18 (9-5 p.m.)

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slow stitching*

This 2 day workshops is designed so participants can explore line, color, and stitch at a contemplative pace. During this workshop we will focus on slowing down your felting, your stitching, your practice, your breath so you can absorb new ideas for your future making. For inspiration there will be a slide show of other artists from around the world who practices slow stitching on a daily base.

"As you practice slow and intentional stitching, your life, your attitude, your creativity, your health, your spirituality....all of it will benefit as a result" - Mark Lipinsky

4/28/18-4/29/18 (9:30-4:30p.m.)

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lace technique*

This one day workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate. Participants will create a felted scarf that has been manipulated to create a lace effect. Participants will be able to make a scarf or a wall hanging while learning the technique.

5/5/18 (9-5 p.m.)

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surface design*

This 3 day workshop is designed for beginners, intermediate and advance textile and fiber artists for them to learn how to design their own fabrics. During these three days we will cover surface design techniques such as dyeing, printing, painting, stenciling, carving stamps, and many more techniques. Participants won't felt during these three days, but they will be able to use the designed fabrics toward nuno felting. 
Material fee: $25.00

5/7/18-5/9/18 (9-5 p.m.)

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boro bag*

This two day workshop is designed for students with some felting experience. During the first day participants will create a patched looking bag where they will learn how to build layers of silk, cotton or wool fabric to play with the color of the wool and the fabric. During the second day, participants will learn how to make a seamless bag, decorated at the end with multiple stitches.

5/19/18 - 5/20/18 (9-5 p.m.)

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In this three day workshop students will learn how to make a seamless and reversible “Barcelona” vest. Students will learn how to nuno felt and how to work with different layers of silks and wool to create an interesting degradation of colors on both surfaces of the vest. During the first day, students will spend some time to create small samples to learn how to calculate the shrinkage and how to combine all the different silk colors. The second and third day students will apply everything learned during the first day into the design of their vest. At the end of the third day, I will spend some time to show the students how to make a simple pin that will allow to wear the vest in different styles. This vest will be a very sturdy but soft one that can be ideal to wear during formal and/or informal events.

6/9/18-6/11/18 (9-5 p.m.)

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Surface design & barcelona vest


Create an elegant and wearable felted vest, complete with textural and printed embellishments. First, design the surface of your silk with paints and inks by printing, stamping, rubbing, carving stamps, painting, writing, and stenciling. Then use the material you have designed to create a seamless and reversible nuno felted vest. Learn to nuno felt and to use layers of silk and wool to create color gradations on the surface of your designed material. Finally, learn various closure techniques to finish off your custom vest. Limit 8 students



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This three day workshop is designed for students with some felting experience. During this workshop students will learn different textural techniques, such as shibori felting, folds, cracks, ripples, and many more!

9/14/18-9/16/18 (9-5 p.m.)

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Students will receive a 75% refund of tuition if a request to withdraw is received no later than 7 days prior to the first day of the course. Request to withdraw from a course less than 7 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for refunds. If you register for a class or workshop last minute (within 1 week of the class), this cancellation policy still applies.